About Us

Tshimo School of Dancing (TSD) is a school that focuses on the art and the sport of dance for the Youth of South Africa. We pride ourselves in promoting, fostering and enhancing the creativity, innovation and talent through the art and sport of dance. The school takes this initiative to the development and upliftment of the South African children with its diverse spectrum and composition and culture; more so the youth on a global scale.

The school is renowned on the development and establishment of Dance Sport as part of art in Gauteng and now Mpumalanga, by introducing a creative higher Standard of Dancing whereby the children are presented and made acquaintance with the opportunity of learning innovative dancing styles and techniques which do not only pertains South African dance styles but also including International Dance forms such as Ballroom Dance, Latin and Hip Hop Dance; etc. The school produces Juveniles, Juniors and Youth dance couples that represent our Province at the Inter Provincials and our country at the International stage.